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Do’s and Don’ts when Giving Dawah to Non-Muslims

Do Not Always Point out Faults in Their Religion Do not find faults or loopholes…

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How Can I Build Self Confidence?

Having Confidence is necessary for a Muslim. Confidence is defined as a quality or state…

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How to Interact with Others & Be More Charismatic

It’s hard to put a finger on what makes someone charismatic. But good looks, stellar…

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The Love of Dunya, Earthly Life: A Disease and the Cure for It

By Editorial Staff One of the most important reasons why Allah created man is to…

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Prophet Moses and Bani Isra’il: An Example of Calling One’s Family to Islam

Domestic strife is sometimes more dangerous than external aggression. When a family or community is…

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How to Be a Public Speaker

By Millie Baker When speaking in public, your unique self is the thing that will…

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